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To my wonderful family and friends…

As many of you know I have been making plans to go to Romania soon. I would like to share what has been happening in my life and hope that anyone who would like to be a part of it would join the fun!

I know many of you have heard my story, but I will share it again as some of you have not.

I have had this pull in my heart for some time to “do something more” and not knowing really what that meant. I have had a good job and love where I live and love being with my family and doing things with them. So what could be more. But the nag on my heart continued. I felt this prayer “God do something significant with my life”. It kept getting stronger. Although what I was doing seemed very significant. And I have been very content.

I went to a Christian conference in Albany, Oregon this last winter and as I listened to the message I realized I had compromised my call to “do more”, because it seemed too hard. I’ve had this yearning to fulfill something deep within and couldn’t put my finger on it. The speaker talked about missions and how we are called to the nations. I knew that could mean various functions, such as praying and supporting people God might send out, but I had never thought about it being more than that for me. As I was walking to my car and still feeling this enormous pull to “something more” I said “Lord I’ll do anything, just show me what this yearning is about”. I had this impression “Would you go back to Romania?” I was stunned. Romania? What would I do in Romania, I thought? What could I do? “I’ll show you when you get there.” My reaction was (to my surprise) excited, and felt I would know when I got there. I thought “When would I go?”, and I got an impression of a calendar and it was in the second week of August of this year. I thought I can’t go then because my daughter is going to have a baby the third week of August. (I felt like don’t worry about it, it will be OK). I was scared and very excited at the same time. I didn’t want to share my thoughts for a while as I wanted to see how things would unfold. I had gone to Romania on a short term mission trip 3 years ago, my first introduction to that land. Most of the people I had come in contact with were depressed and hopeless. It was very sad. I researched different options/ideas that might be an avenue for me and one night decided to contact a couple (Michael and Senta Muell) that I had met there. They responded by saying they had known for some time that God was going to expand their work, but that there was no one to help. The villages used to ask for them to come, but they stopped asking because there was no one to send. They told me they had been praying that God would send workers to the harvest. The night before I had mailed they had prayed that God would send missionaries. Over a period of time this has seemed to be a door of opportunity that God is opening for me at this time. I plan to leave August 12th and stay for 3 months. I feel like this will eventually be more long term, but I will go first and see if God continues to confirm it in my heart. At this point I plan to go back in January for 4 or 5 months longer and see where this leads.

Michael and Senta are pastoring a church in Forgaras. It is in the very center of Romania. They are a German couple who lived in Romania under communist rule for quite a few years. When the revolution happened in 1989 and communism lifted, they were packed and out of there, never to return. Then over a period of 3 years they felt they needed to go back and help the Romanian people. They are currently working under Europe Globe Missions. They have invited me to come have offered me a place to live. They tell me the needs are so great, it’s not a matter of what to do, but where to start. As a nurse I’m sure that will play a part and more insight will open up as time goes on.

Chelsea (my daughter) is going to be moving into my house, so that is wonderful, but it has been very busy trying to get my belongings packed up so she can move in. I will be keeping the same e-mail at this time: .

I can pick that up worldwide, and I am working on a website, www.reachingtoromania where you can go in and see pictures, get info and provides an easy way for me to keep you updated. I will also send out a letter as often as I can to keep all of you informed if you do not have a computer.

As a volunteer missionary I will need to provide my own financial support to live in Romania. I am trusting that as God leads, He will also provide the finances to do what is needed. I am hoping to work some when I get back, at my former place of employment, but this will be limited. Any gifts (one time or monthly) will be very much appreciated as the needs are enormous. If you would like to join me in this work financially, please send a check or money order to “JV Church of the Rock”, and send it to P.O. Box 62, Jordan Valley, Oregon 97910. You may also get a receipt of these monies for tax purposes if you desire. I have also enclosed a contribution form on the web site that may help to provide tax credit information that might be helpful. Although the need is great, please never feel this is something you “should” do. If your heart is not in this, then it is probably because your heart is meant to be elsewhere.

I desire your prayers often. If you think of me, please pray for me as I will for you also. Our hearts will always be close. I am so grateful to be in an era that has telephones and internet as it will help keep us connected. I feel like a boat going out to sea and your prayers are the wind in my sails, literally. Nothing will happen without the gust of our prayers “blowing” together continuously. I believe this is a joint effort, I just happen to be the feet of this walk.

It has been hard to leave but I am also excited and in awe that we can all be a part of something big that God is doing in Romania. They are a people who have been taught there is no such thing as a God. They are also open and curious to the outside world and philosophies that they have never been exposed to. It is a great time to share the love of God. May He also return to each one of you a double portion of his goodness and blessings in your life. Thank you so much for your love, concern and support.


Deanna Stringer